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Photo of the Day

What a difference PhotoShop makes!

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Even just a tiny bit.

The top half is the original photograph. It is a particularly poor photo as the lighting conditions were terrible. The bottom is the result of about ten minutes of touch-up work. Most of the photos on this site are not touched-up. This has nothing to do with any aesthetics or philosophy about "real photography".

Date Taken: 4-18-2008

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Coming Tuesday, January 23: also known as a Gray Jay

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Slider Game

Today's photo has been divided into sliding tiles-- rows and columns with the space for the th tile left as an empty spot.

If a tile is adjacent (but not diagonal) to the empty slot, you can slide that tile into the empty slot by clicking on it.

By sliding the tiles around you can really !
But once the board has been scrambled can you slide the tiles back into place?

Too hard? Would it be easier if the tiles had big orange numbers from 1 to on them so you'd know where each tile belongs?

Show Numbers Hide numbers.

Too/Not Challenging {Enough}? Change the number of tiles.
Number of Rows:
Number of Columns:

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