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Photo of the Day

Boat Tour of West Brook Pond

|<  <<  Friday, July 29, 2016  >>  >|

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A glacial fjord

Technically West Lake Pond is not a true fjord. A fjord defines a salt water inlet whereas five thousand years ago West Lake Pond was cut off from the ocean and is now a fresh water oligotrophic lake. That seems to be a rather unfair distinction as the most important aspect of a fjord are that the cliffs are glacially formed. As the glacial cliffs in Gros Morne National Park in Newfoundland were formed over 250 million years ago, a mere indescretion of an insigificant five thousand years really shouldn't count against it.

Date Taken: 6-19-2008

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Coming Tuesday, January 23: also known as a Gray Jay

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Slider Game

Today's photo has been divided into sliding tiles-- rows and columns with the space for the th tile left as an empty spot.

If a tile is adjacent (but not diagonal) to the empty slot, you can slide that tile into the empty slot by clicking on it.

By sliding the tiles around you can really !
But once the board has been scrambled can you slide the tiles back into place?

Too hard? Would it be easier if the tiles had big orange numbers from 1 to on them so you'd know where each tile belongs?

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Too/Not Challenging {Enough}? Change the number of tiles.
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