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Photo of the Day

Nesting Atlantic Puffins

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Puffin Rock in Elliston, Newfoundland

I believe there are three species of puffins: The crested and the tufted in the Pacific, and the atlantic in the, er, Atlantic. The atlantic puffins entire nesting period, from courting to moving the kids out, is 45 days. A puffin pair will lay and hatch just one egg in a craggy hole in a cliff of a rock cut off from all main land access. When the young is old enough the parents will push the chick out of the nest and straight off the cliff. Supposedly at some time between finding itself tumbling into space and smashing to bits in the rocky ocean surf, the young puffin will realize it knows how to fly and that it had better start using that knowledge pretty darned quick.

I've been told Newfoundlanders used to eat puffins. It wasn't so much that there was any good meat on a puffin, but they thought they were fish and were nice alternative to salt cod for a Friday supper. I guess if one is really tired of salt cod, one can conveniently ignore little things like feathers, feet, and lungs.

Date Taken: 6-23-2008

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