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Photo of the Day

Elephant Seal

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Smile! It's our 250th photograph!

I originally published this in 2008 and it was my 250th photo. By the new release (Starting July 4, 2011 I figure this is our 161st photo.


A photograph a day beginning on New Years. September 6th, is the 250th day of 2008. That means this is our 250th photograph.

I'm beginning to run out of my reserves. Although I may snap dozens of photos at a time (and on this day watching elephant seals I snapped about 200) I only consider a few of them "presentable" and I only want to put the best ones one this site. Still I actually very seldom take photos often going months at a time without bothering. So... the upshot is I'm getting low.

I may have to make a conscious effort to go snapping more often.

Date Taken: 1-13-2007

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Coming Monday, December 18: Taking a wrong turn at Antigonish

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By sliding the tiles around you can really !
But once the board has been scrambled can you slide the tiles back into place?

Too hard? Would it be easier if the tiles had big orange numbers from 1 to on them so you'd know where each tile belongs?

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