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Photo of the Day

Temple of Aphrodite at New Cnidus

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Greek Ruins at Knidos, Turkey

What could be more apropriate for Valentine's Day than a temple of Aphrodite? I was a bit surprised to see a few heart-shaped stones. I had been under the impression the modern heart-shape was invented in the 17th century. However it has since been pointed out to me these stones are very likely fakes peppered in the last century.
Maybe, but it also has been pointed out to me since that although the Catholic Church maintains that the sacred heart of Jesus was first envisioned entwined in thorns by Saint Margaret Mary Alocoque that simply isn't true. The heart-shape was used as a symbol of love (well, of sex) in ancient greece although it was considered to depict a leaf (inaccurately) rather than the human heart (inaccuraely). It probably originally depicted the seedpod of the silphium plant which was traded in Cyrene as a form of birth control. I can buy that.
The temple in new Cnidus (Cnidus relocated from modern Datça to, er, contemporary Knidos around 365 B.C.) and the Cyrene trade were both third-century B.C. Perhaps the heart shape was a contemporary fad. Or maybe these are a coincidence. Or fakes. Or who knows?

Date Taken: 9-18-2001

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