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Photo of the Day

Shooting the Moon II

|<  <<  Tuesday, June 28, 2016  >>  >|

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The real color and the real scope

Last Saturday, I should a shot of the moon. Here's another shot of the moon at the same time. A more natural shutter speed of 1/20 sec for the light (very dim) and aperture (F2.8) displays a natural sky color. (1/20 is a very long shutter speed, especially when hand holding the camera. I'm surprised this photo is as clear as it is.) Unlike Saturday, where I cropped the photo from 3072 to 656 pixels, this photo is uncropped.

Date Taken: 3-14-2008

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Coming Monday, December 18: Taking a wrong turn at Antigonish

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Slider Game

Today's photo has been divided into sliding tiles-- rows and columns with the space for the th tile left as an empty spot.

If a tile is adjacent (but not diagonal) to the empty slot, you can slide that tile into the empty slot by clicking on it.

By sliding the tiles around you can really !
But once the board has been scrambled can you slide the tiles back into place?

Too hard? Would it be easier if the tiles had big orange numbers from 1 to on them so you'd know where each tile belongs?

Show Numbers Hide numbers.

Too/Not Challenging {Enough}? Change the number of tiles.
Number of Rows:
Number of Columns:

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